Copy of Wellness Day Retreat (12)

Join us for a rejuvenating day of transformational wellness at Release and Reset: A Women’s Day Retreat on Sunday, November 12, 2023. This in-person event features Mindful Meditation, Movement, and Somatic Breath Awareness. The retreat will take place in the beautiful University Avenue in East Palo Alto.

If you are ready to let go of the baggage weighing you down and make room for what you desire and deserve, this retreat is for you.

Learn to go beyond managing stress to experience the life of your highest vision.

This is your chance to visualize abundance and what it feels like to experience the life that you desire and deserve.

What does walking in your truth feel like to you?

Are you dizzy from constantly pivoting and woozy from putting out fires?

When will you have time to just free?

Are you a people pleaser, a chronic multi-tasker?

Are you constantly looking for external validation? 

Experience how mindfulness can support you with your breakthrough.

We invite you to a soft, safe, and sacred space to claim your breakthrough.

Retreat Facilitators

This retreat is facilitated by Adeshina Shindara, Sacred Woman Practitioner, Certified Reiki Level II Practitioner, Transformational Breath Coach, and Community Healer; and Leema Pasha, MBA, Executive Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Workshop Facilitator, and Author of “Activate Your Wellness, How Women Leaders Go from Drained to Reclaimed.”  The retreat includes special interactive presentations by Ashlei Burley, Certified Yoga Instructor RYT 200 and owner-operator of Conscious Fluidity; and Zarinah Pasha, Certified Yoga Instructor RYT 200 and Certified Aromatherapist.

Adeshina will lead you in a guided Transformational Breath Journey called “Awareness, Acceptance, Access, Action– Creating the life that you desire and deserve (Living in Integrity).”

Adeshina is Lady Indigo, the heart and soul behind Indigo Rizing Healing thru Wholeness.

For the past 15 years, she has been a devoted advocate for women over 40, supporting their resilience and inner strength. She has made her life's mission to create safe, sacred spaces where we can come together, helping you process and navigate the inevitable life changes.

Change is a constant in life, and together, we'll embrace it with our mantra: "Let it go & let it flow." With Adeshina’s guidance, you'll learn to dance with life's transformations, turning them into opportunities for growth, wisdom, and self-love.​

But that's not all—Adeshina is also a transformational breath coach, specializing in the art of breathwork, a powerful practice that unlocks your inner vitality and emotional balance. It's a transformative journey within, a tool to help you heal, release, and rejuvenate.

She invites you to embark on this empowering journey of healing and wholeness with her. Together, you’ll discover a deeper connection to your inner self than ever before. It's time to reclaim your power.

Leema Pasha, MBA will facilitate Mindfulness scripting and visualization to manifest your goals for 2024 and beyond.

Leema is an Executive Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Workshop Facilitator, and Author of “Activate Your Wellness: How Women Leaders Go from Drained to Reclaimed.”  Her executive wellness recharge system is designed to support individuals and organizations in achieving transformation. She specializes in helping women leaders get freedom from stress and renewed wellness, so they can savor life while advancing their organization and career.

She is a Certified Life Coach, Organizational Consultant, and Woman’s Wellness Advocate, and administers the Leadership Chess Test (DISC Assessment).

Her background includes 20 years of experience as a Public Affairs Executive, a master’s degree in business administration, and a bachelor’s degree in mass communications. Over the past two decades, she has led communications campaigns for billion-dollar, high-profile projects for both public and private sector organizations.

Leema enjoys dancing to soul music, jazz, and afro beats, as well as basking in the sun at the beach.

"To manifest wellness more frequently, you only need to keep your energy elevated, Leema Pasha, MBA."

During this dynamic retreat on November 12th, take the time to celebrate your harvest.

Network with other women leaders on their journey towards self-healing and transformation and in a position to positively impact their communities for generations to come. Through your wellness journey, you will inspire the upliftment of our nation.

Refreshments and Lunch Included

Space is limited to 40 participants.

Registration Fee $149.